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OpenMx on CRAN and CRAN-task views?

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OpenMx on CRAN and CRAN-task views?


I just discovered now OpenMx, whihc seems to be really nice! So thanks in advance:-)

Is there a reason the package is not on CRAN and not listed in the CRAn task-views?

I think this would be a significant improvement, especially if it can be on the task-views... I had done quite a lot of searches on R packages for sem and did not find OpenMx on usual R search tools (mailing list, task-view), just found it randomly. So could be of advantage to be listed on task-views!!


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Hi Matifou, Thanks for the

Hi Matifou,
Thanks for the comments!

OpenMx is in an open beta phase - so not a main stream release as yet. Clearly being incorporated into the various relevant task views will be important once it is ready for wide spread use.


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We are planning on a CRAN

We are planning on a CRAN release some time in the first quarter of 2010. We are still testing so that the CRAN release will be as smooth as possible.

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Congratulations and thanks to

Congratulations and thanks to the release of 1.0.0!

I am writing an R package (metaSEM) to do meta-analysis via OpenMx. I am planning to submit it to CRAN. Since the package depends on OpenMx, my guess is that there will be problems in building and installing it at CRAN. I have similar problems in R-Forge.

May I know the schedule of submitting OpenMx to CRAN? I think that it will become important as more and more new packages may depend on OpenMx soon.


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Your point is well taken.

Your point is well taken. Our current optimizer makes having OpenMx on CRAN problematic, but, for now, you might manually check to see if the user has the correct version of OpenMx installed, and, if not:


By viewing the file:

you'll see that it's a simple call to install.packages().

Also, we'd welcome and appreciate you adding your project, metaSEM, and a link/description to the wiki:

Not only will people be able to see what OpenMx is being used for and possibly find something of interest, but it will allow developers to discover what is already being worked on and who to contact if they'd like to contribute or allow them to find a novel project to devote their time.

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Thanks, Jeff. I have added a

Thanks, Jeff.

I have added a link to the wiki.

I understand that it may take some time to submit OpenMx to CRAN. Currently, I have included instructions on how to install OpenMx and my package. It will be nice that these packages can be installed via CRAN later.