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Sticky issue: Problems with tar

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Sticky issue: Problems with tar

When installing OpenMx on OSX 10.9.2, I ran into the following error:
"tar: Option --delete is not supported"

Particularly, this error happens after successful compilation when the npsol-related files are deleted from the resulting gzip file. On my machine, tar does in fact not support the "--delete" option. For Mac users, MacPorts provides gnutar, which does the job. However, with the default path of MacPorts, one needs to explicitly create another symlink:

sudo ln -s /opt/local/bin/gnutar /usr/bin/gnutar

and change line 268 in the Makefile to:

    /usr/bin/gnutar --delete --file=`ls` OpenMx/npsol;\

Or am I missing something?


PS: The installation instructions do currently not mention that R package "roxygen2" should be installed.

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post-build rule

I suspect that this step is not even needed. Can you delete the post-build rule from the Makefile, build, and see whether the result is satisfactory?