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model fit for generalized sem model in R?

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model fit for generalized sem model in R?

Hi All,

Can R perform sem models (with generalized outcomes; mine are binary) and give me some kind of model fit, such as something analogous to the RMSEA or CFI that you'd get in sem with continuous outcomes?

I have four waves of data and I'm examining employment status and rearrest as endogenous outcome variables. I have built and run a generalized structural equation model (-gsem-) in stata. All is well with the model, except I can't evaluate the model as a whole. Of course there are smaller tests that compare models such as the AIC/BIC, likelihood ratio tests, Wald, but these only compare models as opposed to evaluating the fit.

So my questions are: (1) does R do gsem (non-continuous outcomes) and have a way of evaluating the overall model? (2) if it does not have a way of evaluating the model overall, what should I present in a report along with the obvious findings? and (3) anyone familiar with any papers that have used sem with generalized outcomes? I've searched and can't find any published or unpublished. I imagine looking at one and seeing what they report would be very helpful.

Thank very much.


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ordinal data

OpenMx can handle ordinal data and reports RMSEA for these models.

It does so by modelling a normally distributed trait, plus thresholds on this to generate predicted values for your ordinal variables.

Here's a worked-through example of ordinal modelling in OpenMx