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modified model
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hi, I am a beginner using Mx open packages, so I do not quite understand. I have run my program. output is given as attached.
The value of RSMEA, CFI and TLI its very ugly because its value doesn't meet either criteria . What can I do in advance to improve the model?
thank you.

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more information

Seems like either you are not testing the model you think you are, or the model is a bad fit...

Probably need to see the script as well

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so you mean, I have a model

so you mean, I have a model that isn't good? nonexistent what a way to fix it? because the data that I have is my thesis.
thank you.

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Try alternative models

You could try fitting several alternative models and compare the fits of the alternatives.

myFavoriteModel <- mxModel(...)
alternativeModel1 <- mxModel(...)
alternativeModel2 <- mxModel(...)
alternativeModel3 <- mxModel(...)
mfm <- mxRun(myFavoriteModel)
am1 <- mxRun(alternativeModel1)
am2 <- mxRun(alternativeModel2)
am3 <- mxRun(alternativeModel3)
#If models are nested
mxCompare(mfm, am1, am2, am3)