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Help for Use image analysis software for SEM picures

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Help for Use image analysis software for SEM picures

I have some TIFF and JPEG SEM pictures of Si3N4 and SiC ceramics, and i would like to use image analysis software such as ImageJ to get info such as grain size distribution, grain counts, grain aspect ratio..., etc. ImageJ has "particle analysis" tool, but i found it not very useful. This could be due to my lack of experience, or because the elongated grains are tangled and too complex for the tool. Next week i have to submit a detailed paper about this topic. Is there any professional SEM expert or other professional essay writing service available for helping me? Can anyone give me a hint and help me on this task? Your response is deeply appreciated.

Thank you!

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Sadly, our SEM is structural equation modeling, not scanning electron microscopy :-)

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Someone said there is no

Someone said there is no negative loading in reflective model in SEM-PLS. Can anyone clarify on this matter?