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mxModel error checking

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mxModel error checking

Any chance that this could return an error: I think it will be a common mistake
(the error is entering the same submodel twice instead of two distinct models (in this case modelDZ and modelMZ).

the name clash maybe should throw an error

"did you really want to enter "modelMZ" and then immediately overwrite it 
with another copy of the same thing "modelMZ"?

model = mxModel("ACE",
modelShare, modelMZ, modelMZ,
mxAlgebra(modelMZ.objective + modelDZ.objective, name="twin"),

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Or: "Wow, you must REALLY


"Wow, you must REALLY want me to include this "modelMZ" since you asked for it twice! I promise to notice it the first time you mention it, if you will promise to make sure that you haven't made a typographical error, ok?"