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Bivariate Cholesky for twins, continuous and binary vars

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Bivariate Cholesky for twins, continuous and binary vars


I am quite green to OpenMX and also pretty green to twin analyses, but I'm delving into this brave new world. I have a straightforward research question -- I 've got a binary (coded 0 1) variable and a continuous variable, and I'd like to examine the etiology of the covariance between them. I want to control for gender's effect on both variables and enter the binary var as the first variable in the model. I also want to run submodels where I constrain A or C to equal zero. Ultimately, I just want to report fit statistics for the different models, as well as the genetic and environmental correlations (and their respective confidence intervals).

I've poked around looking for a basic script but haven't located one; my suspicion is that I'm not using the best search terms. Does anyone know of a script like this, or could anyone point me to a similar script that others have used?