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Very basic installation question

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Very basic installation question

Hi, I'm a new user with an extremely basic installation question. Basically, the installation instructions provided on the website say:

"open up an R session and copy the following line into the R command line and press return.


A few lines of R output will scroll by and you will be asked which type of OpenMx Installation you would like. "

I've successfully downloaded the binary packages, but it does not prompt me to select which type of installation I would like. Instead, what I have is a .zip file containing all the openMX files, but I don't know how to successfully install them. Can I do this through R?

I'm using the most recent version of R (2.15.2).

Thanks for your help!

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Hi and welcome to R and

Hi and welcome to R and OpenMx!

The instructions say to open an R session. That is, launch R. You should get an R window with a splash screen something like this:

R version 2.14.2 (2012-02-29)
Copyright (C) 2012 The R Foundation for Statistical Computing
ISBN 3-900051-07-0
Platform: i386-pc-mingw32/i386 (32-bit)
R is free software and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
You are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions.
Type 'license()' or 'licence()' for distribution details.
  Natural language support but running in an English locale
R is a collaborative project with many contributors.
Type 'contributors()' for more information and
'citation()' on how to cite R or R packages in publications.
Type 'demo()' for some demos, 'help()' for on-line help, or
'help.start()' for an HTML browser interface to help.
Type 'q()' to quit R.

Then at the ">" type:


This should download and install OpenMx for you.

Then you can load the package in your R session by typing


And check help pages, e.g. for an mxModel


Does that help clarify?