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Developers Meeting Notes 2/1/13

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Developers Meeting Notes 2/1/13

At the developers meeting on February 1 we discussed the following.

  • The meeting had more than typical technical difficulties.
  • We were introduced to Mahsa Zahery, a computer science graduate student at VCU. Her two main tasks are to allow GPUs to work on numerical integration routines, and to help make OpenMx more finely grained parallel.
  • We discussed the difficulty of Mahsa Zahery's second task.
  • The group talked about an mxFitFunctionMultiGroup() and its interface. See the project issue To handle more general cases (e.g. mixture modeling), the group landed on some stronger functions.
  • A prototype omxGetChildSlot() function was written by Ryne Estabrook to get a slot from all the first-level children of a model. This could be used to get the fit functions from all the first-level children. Then a wrapper around this function will be used as mxFitFunctionMultiGroup(), mxFitFunctionMixture(), etc.