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Developers Meeting Notes 1/25/13

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Developers Meeting Notes 1/25/13

The OpenMx development team discussed the following on January 25:

  • Andreas Brandmaier, Tim Brick, and Timo von Oertzen presented a demo version of an mxPlot command that calls Onyx to draw a diagram corresponding to an MxModel object. I believe the demo was largely made by Andreas. Several aspects of the user interface were discussed at length.
  • Tim Brick presented a draft/proposal for multilevel modeling. Most of the math is worked out, and we're discussing the diagrams. We agree that there should be blocks with the model for each level within a block, but we are debating how connections should be made across blocks/levels.
  • Joshua Pritikin is working on some of the multilevel coding with Timo von Oertzen and should have something finished for the hierarchical case in about three months.