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Welcome to the OpenMx Installation Forum

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Welcome to the OpenMx Installation Forum

Welcome to the OpenMx installation forum. We expect this forum to be used by people who are either having trouble installing OpenMx or who have suggestions about how we might improve the OpenMx installation process.

Over the weekend we will begin testing binary installation with a few of our beta testers. Then we will have a rollout to the invited beta testers on Monday.

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Matryoshka doll: While

Matryoshka doll: While working with Jeff on getting OpenMx to work on my Macs, I went ahead and installed it in Windows XP --- which was running on my Mac (using VMware Fusion). No installation problems. Of course, I just had to post this to win the "Most Awkward Installation of OpenMx Award." (Open Mx --> R --> Windows XP --> VMware --> Mac OS X)