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Developers Meeting Notes 9/7/12

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Developers Meeting Notes 9/7/12

At the Developers Meeting on 9/7/12 we discussed the following:

  • OpenMx 1.2.5 which contains a number of bug fixes was released.
  • The development and design of future integration for PPML and OpenMx. The group also discussed automatically generating random test suites, with a fixed and predictable seed, for PPML and OpenMx.
  • The integration of mxFit and mxExpectation has begun in the branch directory "FitExpection" of the OpenMx repository.
  • The group also discussed a new simplification strategy for multilevel modeling. The strategy works very well on strictly hierarchical models with full data but is less effective in the face of a missing data. The group brainstormed several strategies for handling missing data with different weighting strategies.
  • The group discussed the current state of the proposal for IRT in OpenMx. In particular, expressed the desire for Covariance Structure Modeling in IRT factors for genetic models with twin factor capabilities. The group also discussed where the combination of the IRT input matrices should occur. It was recommended that the combination should be performed in the back-end if possible due to the improved efficiency.
  • The group also discussed adding the ability to get lower and upper bounds to the omxGetParameters() function.