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Common Pathways Model - total variance not adding to 100

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Common Pathways Model - total variance not adding to 100


I have run the common Pathways multivariate model for my data. When I total up the specific genetic variance and genetic variance from the latent variable to each of the phenotypes, I am getting less than 100%. I am also getting less than what the model says is the total genetic variance (from stA in the model attached). Is there anything I am doing wrong?

(output for one of my variables:

stA 0.3060186 (overall heritability)
stE 0.6939814

specific heritability (stas^2) 0.07233587
specific environment (stes^2) 0.3732820

latent heritability contribution (h2c) 0.1749177
Latent unique environment (e2c) 0.2400518)

Also I am getting different total heritability values (again from stA in the model) than what I am getting when I run each of the variables through a univariate model. Would this be correct or does it indicate a problem?

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Two things: First, Word likes

Two things:

First, Word likes to "adjust" formatting in ways that R and most other programs don't like, so try to use plain text files or .R files in the future.

Second, I didn't see a specific error, but you've apparently constrained stA and sdE to total 1.00 based on what you've posted. Is there a relation between stA and stas^2 & stE and stees^2 that I'm not seeing?