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Developer's Meeting Notes 8/3/12

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Developer's Meeting Notes 8/3/12

At the Developers Meeting on 7/27/12 we discussed the following:

  • Steve will meet with Timo either next Monday/Tuesday or the following week to discuss and spec out multi-level modeling. The meetings are expected to last most of two days. Reach out to Steve if you would like to Visimeet into the meeting.
  • The group discussed integrating Josh Pritikin's Item-Response model code into OpenMx. Josh has sent email describing and demonstrating a proof of concept earlier this week. Josh has an idea of how the models will be specified. He and Mike Hunter are planning on writing up a use case example/proposal of Item-Response models in OpenMx. The group will review the use case example/proposal.
  • Dependency tracking is in the trunk and passing all tests. For each free parameter, we have a list of the matrices and algebras that need to be re-evaluated due to a change in the free parameter value. For each FIML objective function, we have a list of matrices and algebras that need to be re-evaluated due to a change in the definition variables. Between the passing tests and some profiling the group is confident it is tracking dependencies correctly. In terms of the script Hermine was working with it is now spending most of its time in sadmvn, not in algebras.
  • The group is planning to do a beta release, not a feature freeze, that is a snapshot of the trunk including a number of recently added small features. All ongoing work not ready for release will be moved to 'imx' functions.