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Developer's Meeting Notes 6/29/12

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Developer's Meeting Notes 6/29/12

At the Developers Meeting on 6/29/12 we discussed the following:

  • Tim has the smart hessians working correctly in the OpenMx trunk. Equality constraints remain an open question but are not a common case, so most functionality should be available to users.
  • Both Tim and Steve have received numerous requests for "multi-level" functionality in OpenMx. While the group believes a good specification exists the group believes it would be a good exercise to rewrite an Extended Family Twin Model as diagrammed multi-level model and as an OpenMx multi-level model. There also needs to be a review of the exact math that will be required, a front-end OpenMx programmer should also be present to discuss how and what will be passed to the back-end throughout the process. It appears the second or third weekend of August will be a good time for these strategy sessions.
  • Ross discussed the current plan for csolnp testing and integration. The plan is to use the R package "inline" to create an dll of the code that can be called in R. Then create a package that takes the filename of the dll as a parameter and loads it in an OpenMx session. While this may turn out to be inefficient to include in the OpenMx code base it will serve as a flexible option to integrate different optimizers into OpenMx in terms of extensibility and testing.
  • Joshua Pritikin has continued to work with Mike Hunter to improve the speed of the implementation of Item Response models in OpenMx.
  • Rhyne distributed updated documentation of the WLS function for OpenMx. He is going to see if he can acquire the results of several test cases of applying ML and WLS to common data sets as a comparative measure for testing and development.
  • The group discussed the possibility of linking and hosting of Onyx on the OpenMx website/servers. The group needs to determine: (1) the level of support that will be provided and expected by users, (2) what features that exist in Onyx and not OpenMx the group might want to implement and (3) how and where video screening and or screen cast tutorials for Onyx/OpenMx should be hosted.