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Developers Meeting Notes 3/23/12

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Developers Meeting Notes 3/23/12

At the Developers' Meeting on 3/23/2012 we discussed the following:

  • Mike Hunter now has LISREL with means working. Test cases which exercise this functionality are checked into the trunk of the OpenMx repository.
  • The Geshi module for drupal, which enables R syntax highlighting, is installed on the OpenMx website. It is not currently enabled because it renders several html space (nbsp) characters on the OpenMx main page. Ross will be working on cleaning up these issues on the main page and other code examples on the wiki over the next couple days. Once he has done so the Geshi module will be enabled on the website.
  • Mike Neale has implemented Cholesky Factorization. It is now available in the trunk of the OpenMx source code repository.
  • OpenMx 1.2.2 was released this week, which contains several bug fixes and more helpful error messages.
  • Ross is debugging his translation of the Rsolnp optimizer. The current translation takes more iterations than Rsolnp to converge and scales down the solution several orders of magnitude.
  • The group continued to discuss possible OpenMx interface modifications related to OpenMx objective and fit functions. A proposal and a request for comments from the OpenMx user community will be coming in the next several weeks.