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Developers Meeting 1/27/12

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Developers Meeting 1/27/12

At developers meeting on 1/27 we discussed the following:

  • The group discussed a bug in the implementation of the parallel joint and continuous full information likelihood calculation. Tim believes he is narrowing down the cause of the bug and that it will be fixed reasonably soon. Ideally the group would like to release OpenMx 1.2, whose main feature is parallelization of FIML, in the next several weeks. This will allow the group to point to OpenMx progress in grant proposals and allow it to be tested by real users before the Twins Workshop in Colorado.
  • The group discussed the implementation of a semi-continuous data type. The data type would have important upper and/or lower thresholds that are important for the variable, if the value of the variable passes the threshold the variable enters a new, important state. Several members of the group hypothesized that this could be implemented with two different variables and missingness. This hypothesis will be tested over the next week, if it is true a helper function that takes the thresholds and builds the corresponding latent and manifest variables could be implemented to support this semi-continuous data type.
  • The group discussed an upcoming grant proposal to fund work related to OpenMx.
  • the group discussed a fix/feature to the mxVersion() function that has been implemented. The fix/feature enables users to employ mxVersion() to get the current revision number of their source code installation of OpenMx.
  • The group discussed the decision of the R community to include Spiegel's patch which significantly lowers the cose of serializing and deserializing data for those projects, like OpenMx, that are using MPI.
  • The group is having trouble determining how to distinguish - ideally with differently colored blocks - code that the user inputs versus output that is generated as a result of running the code. Ross and Ryne are looking into this.