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Developers Meeting 1/6/12

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Developers Meeting 1/6/12

At the Developer's Meeting on 1/6/12 we discussed the following:

  • Upcoming grant proposals to fund research related to OpenMx.
  • Mike Neale is experiencing an issue with the parallelization in the current version of OpenMx 1.2. There appears to be an issue with PBS that allows his 24-core sever to experience an average load of 144 when running certain models. The group believes this can be fixed by reading and setting several PBS environment variables.
  • The group discussed the appropriate way to attribute authorship given the fluid nature of team membership on OpenMx. It was decided that each committed version of OpenMx should provide a citation specifying its commit # in the trunk. This will enable the most detailed auditing of reported results.
  • Several more tweaks and fixes will be made in the upcoming week and a new version of OpenMx 1.2 Beta will be released once these changes are complete. The new version of OpenMx 1.2 Beta will address the previously mentioned PBS issues, parallel ordinal FIML performance regression bug fix and the bug identified by Mike Cheung here.