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the lowly labeled fixed value

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the lowly labeled fixed value

I am using the term "labeled fixed value" to refer to a (row, col) entry in a MxMatrix object where free = FALSE and label is not a NA value. They have not generated much discussion so far. The only restriction we have is that a free parameter in the model cannot have the same name as a labeled fixed value. Here are some additional ideas:

  • Labeled fixed values can be used inside an MxAlgebra expression just as we are going to allow free parameters inside an MxAlgebra expression.
  • Inside a model, the names of the following three sets cannot overlap: named entities, labeled fixed values, and free parameters.
  • Labeled fixed values with the same label must have same value.

Does this sound reasonable? Have I missed any other requirements?

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I am assuming from your

I am assuming from your description that when conditions are violated (e.g., adding a second labeled fixed value with the same name but a different value) then an error is thrown. I prefer that approach to "fixing" things behind the scenes.