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Very handy function to modify the attributes of matrix cells in a model.

note: This function cannot modify parameters that have NA labels (i,e, label your matrix cells if you want to use this to set and drop parameters.


omxSetParameters(model, labels, free = NULL, values = NULL, newlabels = NULL, lbound = NULL, ubound = NULL, indep = FALSE)


  • model a MxModel object.
  • labels a character vector of target parameter names.
  • free a boolean vector of parameter free/fixed designations.
  • values a numeric vector of parameter values.
  • newlabels a character vector of new parameter names.
  • lbound a numeric vector of lower bound values.
  • ubound a numeric vector of upper bound values.
  • indep boolean. set parameters in independent submodels.


A <- mxMatrix('Full', 3, 3, labels = c('a','b', NA), free = TRUE, name = 'A')
model <- mxModel(A, name = 'model')
model <- omxSetParameters(model, c('a', 'b'), values = c(1, 2)) # set value of cells labelled "a" and "b" to 1 and 2 respectively
model <- omxSetParameters(model, c('a', 'b'), newlabels = c('b', 'a')) # set label of cell labelled "a" to "b" and vice versa

See Also

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