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This is the community Wiki for the OpenMx project. If you got here from google you probably want the Home Page.

Full list of all pages on the wiki

Tips and FAQTs

Common Errors (and some less common ones)
Helper functions


The documentation
SEM Concepts
Simplified manual for beginners
OpenMx for mx 1.x users
OpenMx for Mplus users
OpenMx for Amos users
OpenMx for R users


Help with OpenMx functions and objects
The Main mx Functions
Operators and functions
Operator precedence
mxConstraint (constrain values within a model)
mxCompare(function to compare model fits)
mxCI (function to calculate confidence intervals)
mxEval (evaluate an algebra)
mxMatrix (matrix with labels, values, )
mxModel (container for parts of a model)
mxObjective (sets the likelihood target of a model)
mxRun (run a model)
omxgraphviz and making path diagrams
Writing a Demo Script


Projects under development


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Registered users of forums can create pages here explaining SEM issues. Wikipedia maintains a page on Structural Equation Modeling, it is not, however, a how-to guide, no an in-depth examination, and we expect the SEM community will dive into very specific issues here.


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