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multilevel twin analysis

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multilevel twin analysis

Hi everyone,
Participants of my study completed a 40 trials decision-making task.
The issue is that I do not have access to many twins, so I would like to increase the power of my study considering trial level data, instead of the mean of all trials of each subject.

I saw a recently published paper: chrome-extension://dagcmkpagjlhakfdhnbomgmjdpkdklff/enhanced-reader.html?openApp&, which apparently does a similar thing, however I am not able to find a script.

Do you have any idea about how to implement a similar model?
My main issue is that using the method found in this tutoral: I discovered that I do not have a high power and I am not able to collect any more twin data.
Is there any way to calculate power considering that I actually have 40 data points for each participant?

Thank you very much for your help!