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tryHard option retry limit reached (valid attempts)?

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tryHard option retry limit reached (valid attempts)?

I was kind of surprised to see (before I used the tryHard option) not having any issues per se, but when I did incorporate it, it looks like sometimes the output of a phenotype would be, for example: Retry limit reached; Best fit=-353.49615 (started at -352.57463) (11 attempt(s): 2 valid, 9 errors)
Does that mean it was a success and it just picks one of the valid solutions? It is certainly different from the output:
Solution found! Final fit=-332.97766 (started at -295.8754) (2 attempt(s): 2 valid, 0 errors).

I am not sure if this should go in the OpenMx general section so I'll also post it there.

Definitely appreciate it!