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Outliers/Influential cases and Publication Bias

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Outliers/Influential cases and Publication Bias

Hi all,
I am currently using metaSEM to create a pooled correlation matrix from 20 studies in my meta-analysis.
I previously used metafor to do this, conducting a metaanalysis via Hunter-Schmidt estimation/method on uncorrected data (maModel), and identified any outliers/influential cases. Using this method, I also completed a leave one out analysis. Metafor also enabled creating Forest Plots and Funnel Plots (to check for publication bias).
I am wondering what the alternatives are in metaSEM. I understand checking for heterogeneity, though is there a way to view my heterogeneity on a Forest plot, or to check for influential cases? How does one check for publication bias using my pooled correlation matrix? Or, do I simply go back to using metafor for this?

Thank you!

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Forest plot, and funnel plots

Forest plot, and funnel plots were developed for univariate meta-analysis. Since correlation matrices are multivariate in nature, it is not clear how these techniques can be extended to MASEM.