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Why I can not get the Goodness-of-fit indices?

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Why I can not get the Goodness-of-fit indices?

Dear Professor Cheung,

I used metaSEM for structural equation meta-analysis to test the mediation model. However, it is impossible to draw a suitable fitting index.
TLI -Inf
CFI 1.00
AIC 0.00
BIC 0.00
I don't know whether there is a grammar problem, could you please help me to check it? All data, syntax, and model diagrams are in the attachment.

Someone said that in order to get a suitable Goodness-of-fit index, I need to recalculate in Lisrel. Is it really necessary?

Montazemi, A. R., Pittaway, J. J., Qahri Saremi, H., & Wei, Y. (2012). Factors of stickiness in transfers of know-how between MNC units. The Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 21(1), 31-57. doi:10.1016/j.jsis.2012.01.001

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Hi Zhihong,

Hi Zhihong,

The degree of freedom of the model is 0. Therefore, you cannot test the model fit because the fit is perfect.