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Revision of Matrix Operators and Functions from Fri, 09/11/2009 - 19:06

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The following table list matrix operators and functions that are supported by OpenMx. A blank value for the columns 'Implemented' or 'Passing Tests' indicates that the entry has been implemented or is passing the sample tests, respectively.

Operator name R name Mx name Implemented Passing Tests
Inversion solve(A) A~ Yes
Transpose t(A) A' Yes
Element powering A ^ B A ^ B Yes
Matrix multiplication A %*% B A * B Yes
Dot product A * B A . B Yes
Kronecker product A %x% B A @ B Yes
Quadratic product1 A %&% B A & B Yes
Element division A / B A % B Yes
Addition A + B A + B Yes
Subtraction (binary) A - B A - B Yes
Subtraction (unary) - A - A Yes
Horizontal adhesion cbind(A,B,C) A | B | C Yes
Vertical adhesion rbind(A,B,C) A _ B _ C Yes
Determinant det(A) \det(A) No
Trace1 tr(A) \tr(A) Yes
Sum sum(A,B,C) \sum(A,B,C) Yes
Product prod(A,B,C) \prod(A,B,C) Yes
Maximum max(A,B,C) \max(A,B,C) Yes
Minimum min(A,B,C) \min(A,B,C) Yes
Absolute value abs(A) \abs(A) Yes
Cosine cos(A) \cos(A) Yes
Hyperbolic cosine cosh(A) \cosh(A) Yes
Sine sin(A) \sin(A) Yes
Hyperbolic sine sinh(A) \sinh(A) Yes
Tangent tan(A) \tan(A) Yes
Hyperbolic tangent tanh(A) \tanh(A) Yes
Element Exponent exp(A) \exp(A) Yes
Element Natural Log log(A) \ln(A) Yes
Element Square Root sqrt(A) \sqrt(A) Yes
1 Support for this operation in the R frontend is provided by the OpenMx library.  This operation is not defined by the R core library, so you will be unable to use it without loading the OpenMx library.