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remove interval (CI requests) with model$intervals = NULL

model$intervals = NULL

doesn't error, but it does nothing (the interval requests remain)

model@intervals = NULL
fails with an error:
Error in checkAtAssignment("MxModel", "intervals", "NULL") :
assignment of an object of class “NULL” is not valid for @‘intervals’ in an object of class “MxModel”;

It would be nice if the $ operator allowed removing CI requests from models.

Currently (for reasonable reasons), adding a CI request doesn't step on the existing ones, so they just accumulate with no obvious way to remove potentially expensive but unwanted CI requests.

Mon, 07/28/2014 - 21:22
Thu, 09/29/2016 - 09:37


UPDATE: with OpenMx version: 2.5.2 [GIT v2.5.2]

model$intervals = NULL
Now gives an informative error.

Error: I'm very sorry, but direct modification of objects inside an mxModel is not supported. The recommended approach to modifying an mxMatrix, mxAlgebra or other object within a model is to rebuild the mxModel. So, for example, 'model <- mxModel(model, Something)' can be used to replace Something inside the model, instead of 'model$Something <- Something' which does not work

Try model@intervals <- list().