omxSelectRowsAndCols {OpenMx}R Documentation

Filter rows and columns from an mxMatrix


This function filters rows and columns from a matrix using a single row or column R matrix as a selector.


omxSelectRowsAndCols(x, selector)
omxSelectRows(x, selector)
omxSelectCols(x, selector)



the matrix to be filtered


A single row or single column R matrix indicating which values should be filtered from the mxMatrix.


omxSelectRowsAndCols, omxSelectRows, and omxSelectCols returns the filtered entries in a target matrix specified by a single row or single column selector matrix. Each entry in the selector matrix is treated as a logical data indicating if the corresponding entry in the target matrix should be excluded (0 or FALSE) or included (not 0 or TRUE). Typically the function is used to filter data from a target matrix using an existence vector which specifies what data entries are missing. This can be seen in the demo: RowObjectiveFIMLBivariateSaturated.


Returns a new matrix with the filtered data.


The function is most often used when filtering data for missingness. This can be seen in the demo: RowObjectiveFIMLBivariateSaturated. The OpenMx User's guide can be found at The omxSelect* functions share some similarity to the Extract function in the R programming language.


loadings <- c(1, -0.625, 0.1953125, 1, -0.375, 0.0703125, 1, -0.375, 0.0703125)
loadings <- matrix(loadings, 3, 3, byrow= TRUE)
existenceList <- c(1, 0, 1)
existenceList <- matrix(existenceList, 1, 3, byrow= TRUE)
rowsAndCols <- omxSelectRowsAndCols(loadings, existenceList)
rows <- omxSelectRows(loadings, existenceList)
cols <- omxSelectCols(loadings, existenceList)

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