Named-entity {OpenMx}R Documentation

Named Entities


A named entity is an S4 object that can be referenced by name.


Every named entity is guaranteed to have a slot called "name". Within a model, the named entities of that model can be accessed using the $ operator. Access is limited to one nesting depth, such that if 'B' is a submodel of 'A', and 'C' is a matrix of 'B', then 'C' must be accessed using A$B$C.

The following S4 classes are named entities in the OpenMx library: MxAlgebra, MxConstraint, MxMatrix, MxModel, MxData, and MxObjective.



# Create a model, add a matrix to it, and then access the matrix by name.

testModel <- mxModel(model="anEmptyModel")

testMatrix <- mxMatrix(type="Full", nrow=2, ncol=2, values=c(1,2,3,4), name="yourMatrix")

yourModel <- mxModel(testModel, testMatrix, name="noLongerEmpty")


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