Changes in OpenMx

Release 1.2.0-1926 (February 04, 2012)

  • new interface such that 'objective@info$expMean‘, 'objective@info$expCov‘ and 'objective@info$likelihoods‘ are available in FIML or RAM objective functions.
  • bug fix for omxSetParameters with lbound or ubound of NA.
  • catching unknown matrix operator or function in mxAlgebra() or mxConstraint() declaration
  • deprecated ‘all’ argument from mxPath function and replaced it with ‘connect’ argument. Also updated demos that used ‘all’ argument and documentation.
  • removed ‘excludeself’ argument from mxPath() function
  • added deprecation warning for argument ‘all’ = TRUE in mxPath()
  • added support for OpenMP in hessian calculation
  • added support for OpenMP in continuous FIML objective function
  • added support for OpenMP in ordinal FIML objective function
  • added support for OpenMP in joint ordinal/continuous FIML objective function
  • added more descriptive error message to mxOption()
  • serializing the sum operation on likelihoods - floating point addition is not associative

Release 1.1.2-1818 (October 24, 2011)

Release 1.1.1-1784 (September 11, 2011)

  • fixed several bugs in joint ordinal-continuous integration
  • fixed several typos in User Guide

Release 1.1.0-1764 (August 22, 2011)

  • Joint and Ordinal documentation included and up to date.
  • added deprecation warning for argument ‘all’=TRUE in mxPath()
  • added omxSelectRowsAndCols, omxSelectRows and omxSelectCols documentation
  • fixed model flattening to keep track of confidence intervals in submodels
  • added error checking for dimnames on MxMatrix and MxAlgebra objects
  • reformated comments and heading style for all demos
  • fixed segmentation fault on backend error condition
  • turn off jiggling of free parameters with starting values of 0.0 when useOptimizer=FALSE
  • allow non-RAM objective functions in RAM model
  • change model type names to ‘default’ and ‘RAM’
  • no longer explicitly transforming RAM + raw data models into FIML models
  • fixed bug in MxMatrix indexing operator
  • added argument ‘threshnames’ to mxFIMLObjective() and mxRAMObjective()
  • renaming majority of omx* functions to imx* functions. See
  • added error checking to mxOption() function
  • added “Optimality tolerance” to mxOption() selection
  • added ‘lbound’ and ‘ubound’ columns to summary() output of free parameters
  • added asterisks to the ‘lbound’ and ‘ubound’ columns when feasibility tolerance is met
  • added “omxNot” function to the set of available mxAlgebra() function
  • added “omxSelectRows”, “omxSelectCols”, and “omxSelectRowsAndCols” as mxAlgebra operators()
  • added “mean” function to the set of available mxAlgebra() functions
  • added slots “expCov” and “expMean” to the MxRAMObjective function
  • added useOptimizer option to mxRun.
  • added error checking in frontend and backend for non-positive-definite observed covariance matrices
  • added “omxGreaterThan”, “omxLessThan”, “omxApproxEquals”, “omxAnd”, and “omxOr” operators to the set of mxAlgebra() operators
  • error checking for model[[1]] or model[[TRUE]]
  • error checking in the front-end whether more than 20 ordinal columns are present in a data set
  • improved performance in the front-end in mxModel() for adding paths to RAM models
  • print name of algebra when operator has too few or too many arguments
  • added mxErrorPool() function and R documentation.
  • added Apache license information to all R documentation files.
  • new implementation of mxEval().
  • new argument ‘defvar.row’ to mxEval(). See ?mxEval.
  • handling definition variables for (I - A) ^ - 1 speedup
  • handling square bracket labels for (I - A) ^ - 1 speedup
  • added argument ‘free’ to omxGetParameters. See ?omxGetParameters.
  • added argument ‘strict’ to omxSetParameters. See ?omxSetParameters.
  • eliminated warnings for confidence interval optimization codes
  • added ”...” argument to mxRObjectiveFunction()
  • fix memory leak in RAM objective function
  • removed dependency to MBESS library in R documentation
  • added more descriptive error message when thresholds are not sorted
  • incorporated NaN unsafe matrix-matrix multiplication (dgemm) from R <= 2.11.1
  • incorporated NaN unsafe matrix-vector multiplication (dgemv) from R <= 2.11.1
  • return NA in mxVersion() if “OpenMx” cannot be found
  • fix infinite loop in objective function transformations
  • added initialization to load OpenMx on swift workers
  • implemented omxParallelCI() to calculate confidence intervals in parallel
  • only calculating CIs for upper triangle of symmetric matrices
  • cleanup appearance of transient MxMatrix objects in error messages
  • fix bug with very large number of omxUntitledName() objects
  • added optional argument CPUS=n to “make test” target
  • change snowfall interface to use sfClusterApplyLB()
  • storing raw data in row-major order, and copying contiguous data rows
  • fix bug in mxModel() when using remove = TRUE

Release 1.0.7-1706 (July 6, 2011)

  • error checking in front-end for non-positive-definite observed covariance matrices
  • fix bug in MxMatrix indexing operator
  • added deprecation warning for argument ‘all’=TRUE in mxPath()

Release 1.0.6-1581 (March 10, 2011)

  • Bug fix corner case in sorting data with definition variables

Release 1.0.5-1575 (March 8, 2011)

  • added error checking in ML objective to match expected covariance and observed covariance matrices
  • updated BootstrapParallel.R demo to use mxData() instead of model@data
  • added the dataset from the Psychometrika article (

Release 1.0.4-1540 (January 16, 2011)

  • added initialization to load OpenMx on swift workers
  • only calculating CIs for upper triangle on symmetric matrices
  • fix bug with very large number of omxUntitledName() objects
  • incorporated NaN unsafe matrix-vector multiplication (dgemv) from R <= 2.11.1
  • fix bug in mxModel() when using remove = TRUE
  • Added intervals to MxModel class documentation

Release 1.0.3-1505 (November 10, 2010)

  • return NA in mxVersion() if “OpenMx” cannot be found
  • eliminate infinite loop in objective function transformations

Release 1.0.2-1497 (November 5, 2010)

  • missing <errno.h> include
  • fix memory leak in RAM objective function
  • incorporated NaN unsafe matrix-matrix multiplication (dgemm) from R <= 2.11.1

Release 1.0.1-1464 (October 8, 2010)

  • bugfix for mxEval() and MxData objects
  • handling definition variables for (I - A) ^ - 1 speedup
  • handling square bracket labels for (I - A) ^ - 1 speedup
  • added argument ‘free’ to omxGetParameters. See ?omxGetParameters.
  • added argument ‘strict’ to omxSetParameters. See ?omxSetParameters.
  • eliminated warnings for confidence interval optimization codes

Release 1.0.0-1448 (September 30, 2010)

  • added missing entries to demo 00INDEX file

Release 0.9.2-1446 (September 26, 2010)

  • added growth mixture models to user guide
  • added initial Swift hook in omxLapply() - currenly activated only for mxRun calls
  • fixed a bug in mxRename() when encountering symbol of missingness
  • bugfix for crash when ‘*’ is used instead of ‘%*%’
  • feature removal: square brackets in MxMatrix labels now accept only literal values
  • bugfix for definition variables used in mxRowObjective (which is still experimental)
  • bugfix for (I - A) ^ -1 speedup with FIML optimization

Release 0.9.1-1421 (September 12, 2010)

  • fixed a bug in -2 LL calculation in RAM models with definition variables and raw data

Release 0.9.0-1417 (September 10, 2010)

  • improved error messages for non 1 x n means vectors in FIML and ML
  • fixed a performance bug that was forcing too many recalculations of the covariance matrix in FIML optimizations.
  • defualt behavior is to disable standard error calculations when model contains nonlinear constraints
  • improved error messages for NA values in definition variables
  • added error message when expected covariance dimnames and threshold dimnames do not contain the same elements.
  • fixed a bug when mxRename() encounters a numeric or character literal.
  • new chapters added to OpenMx user guide.
  • fixed a bug in -2 log likelihood calculation with missing data

Release 0.5.2-1376 (August 29, 2010)

  • improved error messages when identical label is applied to free and fixed parameters
  • added ‘onlyFrontend’ optional argument to mxRun() function. See ?mxRun.
  • disabling cbind() and rbind() transformations as they are broken.

Release 0.5.1-1366 (August 22, 2010)

  • added error detection when multiple names are specified in mxMatrix(), mxAlgebra(), etc.
  • removed ‘digits’ argument from mxCompare. Target behavior of argument was unclear. See ?mxCompare
  • more informative error messages for ‘dimnames’ argument of objective functions
  • more informative error messages when constraints have wrong dimensions
  • improved error detected for ‘nrow’ and ‘ncol’ arguments of mxMatrix() function
  • fixed a bug in ordinal FIML objective functions with non-used continuous data

Release 0.5.0-1353 (August 08, 2010)

  • calculating cycle length of RAM objective functions
  • bugfix: preserve rownames when converting data.frame columns to numeric values
  • ‘nrow’ and ‘ncol’ arguments now supercede matrix dimensions in mxMatrix()
  • add boolean argument ‘vector’ to mxRAMObjective() for returning the vector of likelihoods
  • added demo(OneFactorModel_LikelihoodVector) as example of ‘vector=TRUE’ in RAM model
  • cbind() and rbind() inside MxAlgebra expressions with all arguments as MxMatrix objects are themselves transformed into MxMatrix objects
  • bugfix with square bracket substitution
  • finishing implementing sorting of raw data in mxFIMLObjective()
  • added ‘RAM Optimization’ and ‘RAM Max Depth’ to model options. See ?mxOption
  • added support for linux x86_64 with gcc 4.1.x

Release 0.4.1-1320 (June 12, 2010)

  • confidence interval optimizations now jitter if they can’t get started
  • added error checking for dimensions of expected means in ML + FIML objectives
  • check for missing observed means when using (optional) expected means in ML
  • added citation(“OpenMx”) information

Release 0.4.0-1313 (June 09, 2010)

  • fixed bug in calculation of confidence intervals around non-objective values
  • checking for partial square bracket references on input
  • fixed error reporting for non-positive-definite covariances in FIML
  • implemented initial sorting-based speedup for FIML objectives
  • added ‘No Sort Data’ to mxOptions()
  • eliminated getOption(‘mxOptimizerOptions’) and getOption(‘mxCheckpointOptions’)
  • added getOption(‘mxOptions’)
  • error messages for illegal names provide function call information
  • added ‘estimates’ column to confidence intervals in summary() of model
  • fixed bug so checkpointing will work in R 2.9.x series
  • fixed bug so mxRename() works on confidence interval specification
  • renaming ‘estimates’ column of confidence interval summary output to ‘estimate’

Release 0.3.3-1264 (May 24, 2010)

  • confidence interval frontend was requesting nonexistent matrices
  • omxNewMatrixFromMxMatrix() assumed input was always integer vector S-expression
  • confidence intervals mislabeling free parameter names

Release 0.3.2-1263 (May 22, 2010)

  • added ‘newlabels’ argument to omxSetParameters() function
  • now throwing errors to the user when detected from the backend in mxRun()
  • checkpointing mechanism implemented - mxRun(model, checkpoint = TRUE)
  • never computing confidence intervals for matrix cells where free = FALSE (all bets are off on algebras)
  • added mxOption(model, “CI Max Iterations”, value)
  • added documentation for mxRestore() function
  • default expected means vectors are no longer generated

Release 0.3.1-1246 (May 09, 2010)

  • new arguments to mxRun() for checkpointing and socket communication (doesn’t work yet)
  • throw an error if FIML objective has thresholds but observed data is not a data.frame object.
  • bugfix for R version 2.11.0 is detecting as.symbol(“”) character as missing function parameter
  • mxFactor() function accepts data.frame objects
  • added mxCI() function to calculate likelihood-based confidence intervals
  • mxCompare() shows model information for base models
  • added flag all=[TRUE|FALSE] to mxCompare() function
  • ‘SaturatedLikelihood’ argument to summary() function will accept MxModel object

Release 0.3.0-1217 (Apr 20, 2010)

new features

  • implemented new ordinal data interface (except for ‘means=0’ component)
  • added mxFactor() function (see ?mxFactor for help)
  • added R documentation for rvectorize() and cvectorize()
  • implemented eigenvalues and eigenvectors
  • added ‘numObs’, ‘numStats’ arguments to mxAlgebraObjective()
  • added ‘numObs’, ‘numStats’ arguments to summary()

changes to interface

  • mxConstraint(“A”, “=”, “B”) is now written as mxConstraint(A == B)
  • renaming ‘cov’ argument to ‘covariance’ in omxMnor()
  • renaming ‘lbounds’ argument to ‘lbound’ in omxMnor()
  • renaming ‘ubounds’ argument to ‘ubound’ in omxMnor()
  • renaming ‘cov’ argument to ‘covariance’ in omxAllInt()
  • argument ‘silent = TRUE’ to mxRun() will no longer suppress warnings
  • argument ‘suppressWarnings = TRUE’ to mxRun() will suppress warnings

bug fixes

  • added error checking for mxBounds() with undefined parameter names
  • improving error messages in mxMatrix() function
  • fixed aliasing bug in mxAlgebra() with external variables and constant values


  • added directory to repository for nightly tests (“make nightly”)
  • performance improvement to namespace conversion
  • changing MxPath data structure from a list to an S4 object
  • new signature for omxSetParameters(model, labels, free, values, lbound, ubound, indep)
  • checked in implementation of mergesort
  • changed mxCompare() signature to mxCompare(base, comparison, digits = 3)

Release 0.2.10-1172 (Mar 14, 2010)

  • bugfix for assigning default data name when default data does not exist
  • bugfix for sharing/unsharing data to a three-level hierarchy
  • bugfix for error reporting in bad matrix access, uncalculated std. errors, and poor omxAllint thresholds
  • implemented rvectorize, cvectorize algebra functions: vectorize by row, and vectorize by column
  • not allowing the following forbidden characters in names or labels: “+-!~?:*/^%<>=&|$”
  • added timestamp to summary() output
  • reimplemented summary() function to handle unused data rows, and independent submodels
  • reimplemented names(model), model$foo, and model$foo <- value to return all components of a model tree
  • started work on an “OpenMx style guide” section to the User Guide.
  • fix documentation + demo errors brought to our attention by dbishop

Release 0.2.9-1147 (Mar 04, 2010)

  • bugfix for ordinal FIML with columns that are not threshold columns
  • bugfix for detection of algebraic cycles when multiple objective functions are present
  • test cases included for standard error calculation
  • enabled standard error calculation by default

Release 0.2.8-1133 (Mar 02, 2010)

  • bugfix for memory leak behavior in kronecker product calculation
  • implemented kronecker exponentiation operator %^%.
  • actually updating means calculations in ordinal FIML models
  • removing standard errors from summary() until they are computed correctly

Release 0.2.7-1125 (Feb 28, 2010)

  • added ‘unsafe’ argument to mxRun function. See ?mxRun for more information.
  • bugfix for filtering definition variable assignment to current data source.
  • bugfix for using data.frame with integer type columns that are not factors.

Release 0.2.6-1114 (Feb 23, 2010)

  • implemented omxAllInt, use ?omxAllInt for R help on this function
  • implemented omxMnor, use ?omxMnor for R help on this function
  • added option to calculate Hessian after optimization. See ?mxOption for R help.
  • added option to calculate standard errors after optimization. See ?mxOption for R help.
  • added R documentation for vech, vechs, vec2diag, and diag2vec
  • performance improvements for independent submodels
  • added ‘silent=FALSE’ argument to mxRun() function
  • added R documentation for omxApply(), omxSapply(), and omxLapply()
  • wrote mxRename() and added R documentation for function
  • added ‘indep’ argument to summary() to ignore independent submodels (see ?summary)
  • added ‘independentTime’ to summary() output. Wall clock time for independent submodels.
  • added ‘wallTime’ and ‘cpuTime’ to summary() output. Total wall clock time and total cpu time.
  • implemented ‘:’ operator for MxAlgebra expressions. 1:5 returns the vector [1,2,3,4,5]
  • implemented subranges for ‘[‘ operator in MxAlgebra expressions. foo[1:5,] is valid inside algebra.
  • added omxGetParameters, omxSetParameters, omxAssignFirstParameters. Use ? for documentation.
  • renamed all objective function generic functions from omxObj* to genericObj*
  • enumerated OpenMx and NPSOL options in ?mxOption documentation
  • implemented foo[x,y] and foo[x,y] <- z for MxMatrix objects

Release 0.2.5-1050 (Jan 22, 2010)

  • added ‘mxVersion’ slot to output of summary() function.
  • added documentation of summary() function.
  • set default function precision for ordinal FIML evaluation to “1e-9”
  • not throwing an error on mxMatrix(‘Full’, 3, 3, labels = c(NA, NA, NA))
  • applying identical error checking to single thresholds matrix and single thresholds algebra
  • implemented generic method names() for MxModel objects.
  • implemented vec2diag() and diag2vec() matrix algebra functions.

Release 0.2.4-1038 (Jan 15, 2010)

  • definition variables can now be used inside algebra expressions
  • definition variables inside of MxMatrices will populate to the 1st row before conformability checking. In plain english: you do not need to specify the starting values for definition variables.
  • the square-bracket operator when used in MxMatrix labels is no longer restricted to constants for the row and column. The row and column arguments will accept any term that evaluates to a scalar value or a (1 x 1) matrix.
  • summary() on a model returns a S3 object. Behaves like summary() in stats package.
  • eliminated UnusualLabels.R test case. Too many problems with windows versus OS X versus linux.
  • implemented vech() and vechs() functions: half-vectorization and strict half-vectorization
  • fixed bug in ordinal FIML when # of data columns > # of thresholds
  • added ‘frontendTime’ and ‘backendTime’ values to summary() output. They store the elapsed time of a model in the R front-end and C back-end, respectively.
  • created a name space for the OpenMx library. Only mx**() and omx**() functions should be exported to the user, plus several miscellaneous matrix functions and S4 generic functions.
  • corrected ‘observedStatistics’ output of summary() to exclude definition variables
  • corrected ‘observedStatistics’ output of summary() count the number of equality constraints

Release 0.2.3-1006 (Dec 04, 2009)

  • added ‘vector’ argument to mxFIMLObjective() function. Specifies whether to return the likelihood vector (if TRUE) or the sum of log likelihoods (if FALSE). Default value is FALSE.
  • renamed omxCheckEquals() to omxCheckIdentical(). omxCheckIdentical() call “identical” so that NAs can be compared.
  • added checking of column names of F and M matrices in RAM objective functions.
  • added ‘dimnames’ argument to mxRAMObjective() function. Populates the column names of F and M matrices.
  • added square bracket operator to MxAlgebra expressions. A[x,y] or A[,y] or A[x,] or A[,] are valid.
  • square bracket operator supports row and column string arguments.
  • mxModel(remove=TRUE) accepts both character names or S4 named entities.
  • added support for x86_64 on OS X 10.6 (snow leopard)
  • fixed support for x86_64 on Ubuntu 9.10 (gcc 4.4)
  • throw error message when inserting a named entity into a model with an identical name
  • added Anthony William Fairbank Edwards “Likelihood” (1972; 1984) A, B, O blood group example to online documentation

Release 0.2.2-951 (Oct 29, 2009)

  • omxGraphviz() either prints to stdout or to a filename
  • updated omxGraphviz() to draw an arrow if (value != 0 || free == TRUE || !
  • omxGraphviz() returns a character string invisibly
  • error checking for bogus definition variables
  • summary() uses matrix dimnames by default, use options(‘mxShowDimnames’=FALSE) to disable
  • added support for gcc 4.4 (Ubuntu 9.10) on x86 and x86_64 architectures
  • created R documention for omxGraphviz() function
  • generalized dependency specification for objective functions (omxObjDependencies)
  • fixed cross-reference links in User Guide

Release 0.2.1-922 (Oct 10, 2009)

  • checked observed data for dimnames on ML objective functions
  • using dimnames= argument to mxMLObjective() and mxFIMLObjective() propagates to MxMatrix objects on output.
  • bug fix for error message where model name is incorrect
  • updated user guide in response to feedback from beta testers
  • incremented version number to 0.2.1-922 to sync demos and user guide

Release 0.2.0-905 (Oct 06, 2009)

  • several of the twin model demo examples have been recoded.
  • fixed bug with non-floating point matrices.
  • more error checking for mxPath().
  • tools/ will convert Mx 1.0 algebra expressions (Python PLY library is required).
  • renamed “parameter estimate” column to “Estimate” and “error estimate” to “Std.Error” in summary().
  • added ‘dimnames’ argument to mxFIMLObjective() and mxMLObjective().
  • error checking for RAM models with non-RAM objective functions.

Release 0.1.5-851 (Sep 25, 2009)

  • improved error messages on unknown identifier in a model (beta tester issue)
  • fixed bug in mxMatrix() when values argument is matrix and byrow=TRUE
  • implemented square-bracket substitution for MxMatrix labels
  • fixed a bug in computation of omxFIMLObjective within an algebra when definition variables are used
  • significant alterations to back-end debugging flags
  • tweaked memory handling in back-end matrix copying
  • added support for x86_64 linux with gcc 4.2 and 4.3

Release 0.1.4-827 (Sep 18, 2009)

  • added checking and type coercion to arguments of mxPath() function (a beta tester alerted us to this)
  • moved matrices into submodels in UnivariateTwinAnalysis_MatrixRaw demo
  • added Beginners Guide to online documentation
  • mxRun() issues an error when the back-end reports a negative status code
  • named entities and free or fixed parameter names cannot be numeric values
  • constant literals are allowed inside mxAlgebra() statements, e.g. mxAlgebra(1 + 2 + 3)
  • constant literals can be of the form 1.234E+56 or 1.234e+56.
  • type checking added to mxMatrix arguments (prompted by a forum post)
  • mxPath() issues an error if any of the arguments are longer than the number of paths to be generated
  • data frames are now accepted at the back-end
  • FIML ordinal objective function is now working. Still a bit slow and inelegant, but working
  • FIML ordinal now accepts algebras and matrices. dimnames of columns must match data elements
  • implemented free parameter and fixed parameter substitution in mxAlgebra statements
  • implemented global variable substitution in mxAlgebra statements
  • turned off matrix and algebra substitution until a new proposal is decided
  • snow and snowfall are no longer required packages
  • added cycle detection to algebra expressions
  • mxEval() with compute = TRUE will assign dimnames to algebras
  • added dimnames checking of algebras in the front-end before optimization is called
  • added ‘make rproftest’ target to makefile

Release 0.1.3-776 (Aug 28, 2009)

  • mxEvaluate() was renamed to mxEval() after input from beta testers on the forums.
  • new function mxVersion that prints out the current version number (beta tester request).
  • When printing OpenMx objects, the @ sign is used where it is needed if you would want to print part of the object (beta tester request).
  • now supports PPC macs.
  • implemented AIC, BIC and RMSEA calculations.
  • mxMatrix documentation now talks about lower triangular matrices (beta tester request).
  • fixed bugs in a number of demo scripts.
  • added chi-square and p-value patch from beta tester Michael Scharkow.
  • added comments to demo scripts.
  • fixed a bug in the quadratic operator (a beta tester alerted us to this).
  • means vectors are now always 1xn matrices (beta tester request).
  • added an option “compute” to mxEval() to precompute matrix expressions without going to the optimizer.
  • Matrix algebra conformability is now tested in R at the beginning of each mxRun().
  • named entities (i.e. mxMatrices, mxAlgebras, etc.) can no longer have the same name as the label of a free parameter. (This seems obscure, but you will like what we do with it in the next version!)
  • can use options(mxByrow=TRUE) in the R global options if you always read your matrices in with the byrow=TRUE argument. Saves some typing. (beta tester request)
  • fixed the standard error estimates summary.
  • added mxVersion() function to return the version number (as a string).

Release 0.1.2-708 (Aug 14, 2009)

  • Added R help documentation for omxCheckCloseEnough(), omxCheckWithinPercentError(),

    omxCheckTrue(), omxCheckEquals(), and omxCheckSetEquals()

  • (mxMatrix) Fixed a bug in construction of symmetric matrixes.
    • now supports lower, standardized, and subdiagonal matrices.

Release 0.1 (Aug 03, 2009)

  • (mxEvaluate) mxEvaluate translates MxMatrix references, MxAlgebra references, MxObjectiveFunction references, and label references.

  • (mxOptions) added ‘reset’ argument to mxOptions()

  • (mxPath) renamed ‘start’ argument of mxPath() to ‘values’
    • renamed ‘name’ argument of mxPath() to ‘labels’
    • renamed ‘boundMin’ argument of mxPath() to ‘lbound’
    • renamed ‘boundMax’ argument of mxPath() to ‘ubound’
    • eliminated ‘ciLower’ argument of mxPath()
    • eliminated ‘ciUpper’ argument of mxPath()
    • eliminated ‘description’ argument of mxPath()
  • (dimnames) implemented dimnames(x) for MxMatrix objects
    • implemented dimnames(x) <- value for MxMatrix objects
    • implemented dimnames(x) for MxAlgebra objects
    • implemented dimnames(x) <- value for MxAlgebra objects
  • (mxMatrix) added ‘dimnames’ argument to mxMatrix()

  • (mxData) renamed ‘vector’ argument of mxData() to ‘means’

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