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Advanced Genetic Epidemiology Statistical Workshop: October 26-30 2015, in Richmond, VA

We are pleased to announce the NIDA and OBSSR funded 'Advanced Genetic Epidemiology Statistical Workshop: Applications to Drug Abuse' was held October 26-30 2015 in Richmond, Virginia.

This workshop was designed to provide an overview of advanced statistical methodology for genetic studies of substance use and abuse and related phenotypes. It covered analytical methods for twin and family studies, multivariate modeling, measurement and phenotyping, development and dynamical systems, advanced variance components analysis using genotypic information, GxE interaction and direction of causation. The focus was on a hands-on approach, primarily using OpenMx, in which participants use their own computers to implement and experiment with statistical methods described during presentations by the faculty. This workshop built on topics covered in the International Workshop on Statistical Genetic Methods for Human Complex Traits (formerly the `Methodology of Twin and Family Studies Introductory Workshop’, held in Boulder, CO) and similar workshops, as well as on introductory OpenMx workshops.

The schedule can be found here: You can click through to schedule and see content for the individual sessions on each day. In time, we will add video of the sessions for general access.