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OpenMx 1.2 is released

The release of OpenMx 1.2 is available for download. Use the installation command in an R terminal source(''). OpenMx 1.2 is the result of nearly 6 months of development and much feedback from the user community.

The two primary feature enhancements to the 1.2 series are the addition of the 'connect' argument to mxPath and full information maximum likelihood (FIML) is now multi-threaded by default in OpenMx. The parallelization drastically improves efficiency for multi-core machines (most computers currently being used). For more information on expected performance improvements please see here.

Eventually the 'connect' argument will replace 'all' argument to mxPath. In the OpenMx 1.2.0 release both 'all' and 'connect' will be supported, however, using 'all' is being deprecated because it is unsafe. Please take this opportunity to start using 'connect'. The demos and tests have been updated to start using 'connect'. For more information on the deprecation of 'all' please see here.

Below is the full changelog since the OpenMx 1.1.1 release. We have made numerous small improvements and bug fixes which are all detailed below.

Release 1.2.0-1926 (February 04, 2012)

  • new interface such that 'objective@info$expMean', 'objective@info$expCov'
    and 'objective@info$likelihoods' are available in FIML or RAM objective functions.
  • bug fix for omxSetParameters with lbound or ubound of NA.
  • catching unknown matrix operator or function in mxAlgebra() or mxConstraint() declaration
  • deprecated 'all' argument from mxPath function and replaced it with 'connect' argument. Also updated demos that used 'all' argument and documentation.
  • removed 'excludeself' argument from mxPath() function
  • added deprecation warning for argument 'all' = TRUE in mxPath()
  • added support for OpenMP in hessian calculation
  • added support for OpenMP in continuous FIML objective function
  • added support for OpenMP in ordinal FIML objective function
  • added support for OpenMP in joint ordinal/continuous FIML objective function
  • added more descriptive error message to mxOption()
  • serializing the sum operation on likelihoods - floating point addition is not associative