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Tell us about your OpenMx 1.2 Beta Experience

As many of you know, the beta release of the OpenMx 1.2 series is available for download. It can be installed by running the command 'source("")' in an R terminal. The new series of OpenMx is the result of nearly 6 months of development and much feedback from the user community.

OpenMx 1.2 features user transparent parallelized ordinal full information maximum likelihood meaning that it should significantly improve the efficiency of full information maximum likelihood calculations for most models. Some extremely significant speedups on our test suite can be seen here.

If you are attempting to take advantage of the parallelization please let us know by commenting on this post and telling us about it. We'd love to hear about your speedup results and if you aren't seeing any speedup we want to know, so we can figure out why.

Note: Please remember in our development cycle a beta-release indicates that each new feature has been tested with some type of validation script in our test repository. However we always recommend verifying the output against the latest stable version of OpenMx before rushing to publication.