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OpenMx pre-release r1527

We are pleased to announce the first of our OpenMx pre-release series. As we develop new features for OpenMx, we will periodically make pre-releases available that contain the new functionality. The latest pre-release can be downloaded using the following installation url. You will notice that the pre-releases will always have the version number 999. You can find the true version number by looking at the last four digits of mxVersion() after the "999.0.0-".

These pre-releases are a work in progress. We always recommend verifying the output using the latest stable version of OpenMx whenever possible.

There are a lot of changes in this release from OpenMx 1.0.0. Here is the full changelog.

  • added mxErrorPool() function and R documentation.
  • added Apache license information to all R documentation files.
  • new implementation of mxEval().
  • new argument 'defvar.row' to mxEval(). See ?mxEval.
  • handling definition variables for (I - A) ^ - 1 speedup
  • handling square bracket labels for (I - A) ^ - 1 speedup
  • added argument 'free' to omxGetParameters. See ?omxGetParameters.
  • added argument 'strict' to omxSetParameters. See ?omxSetParameters.
  • eliminated warnings for confidence interval optimization codes
  • added "..." argument to mxRObjectiveFunction()
  • added 'excludeself' argument to mxPath() function
  • fix memory leak in RAM objective function
  • removed dependency to MBESS library in R documentation
  • added more descriptive error message when thresholds are not sorted
  • incorporated NaN unsafe matrix-matrix multiplication (dgemm) from R <= 2.11.1
  • incorporated NaN unsafe matrix-vector multiplication (dgemv) from R <= 2.11.1
  • return NA in mxVersion() if "OpenMx" cannot be found
  • fix infinite loop in objective function transformations
  • added initialization to load OpenMx on swift workers
  • implemented omxParallelCI() to calculate confidence intervals in parallel
  • only calculating CIs for upper triangle of symmetric matrices
  • cleanup appearance of transient MxMatrix objects in error messages
  • fix bug with very large number of omxUntitledName() objects
  • added optional argument CPUS=n to "make test" target
  • change snowfall interface to use sfClusterApplyLB()
  • storing raw data in row-major order, and copying contiguous data rows
  • fix bug in mxModel() when using remove = TRUE