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OpenMx 1.0.0

Announcing OpenMx 1.0

The OpenMx developer team takes great pride in announcing the availability of (cue trumpets) OpenMx 1.0. The team would like to express its gratitude to the large number of beta-testers who have helped us improve the code. Thank you!!

OpenMx has been in development for 3 years. Last October the OpenMx open beta test program began. Since then, we have improved the interface and speeded up the estimation times, in some cases by more than a factor of 20 (see performance benchmarks). Lots of new features are in the works and we encourage you to post to the Wish List forum so that we know what you would like to see.

From this point on, we will maintain two binary releases: a stable release numbered as 1.x.x and a development binary with the latest and greatest features and bug-fixes numbered with the current revision number (e.g., 1448). The development of OpenMx is on-going and we expect that new development binaries will be released often. The stable releases are likely to be updated every few months or so.

OpenMx is in active use. There have been over 5,600 binary downloads of the OpenMx binary in the past year.

The website is very active. In the past 16 weeks, there have been roughly 7,200 user logins, 2,800 hits on the documentation main page, and 2,500 hits on the wiki main page. The forums are also very active, with over 42,000 hits on forum pages in the past 16 weeks. There are nearly 400 forum threads, each with discussion postings. One must register in order to post to the forums. We now have more than 2400 registered users. It should also be noted that at any one time, unregistered visitors to the web site generally outnumber those who are logged in.

The OpenMx Development Team