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OpenMx 0.3.0 (READ ME)

OpenMx 0.3.0 is a milestone along the path to the 1.0 release. See this post for the full set of features that will be included in the 1.0 release. The most significant change to the user interface is the improved mxConstraint() function. Instead of writing:

mxConstraint("A", "=", "B")

You should write:

mxConstraint(A == B)

It is now possible to include algebras in a mxConstraint() function. So mxConstraint(A + B + C < 2 + D) is a legal constraint.

Release 0.3.0-1217 (Apr 20, 2010)

new features

  • implemented new ordinal data interface (except for 'means=0' component)
  • added mxFactor() function (see ?mxFactor for help)
  • added R documentation for rvectorize() and cvectorize()
  • implemented eigenvalues and eigenvectors
  • added 'numObs', 'numStats' arguments to mxAlgebraObjective()
  • added 'numObs', 'numStats' arguments to summary()

changes to interface

  • mxConstraint("A", "=", "B") is now written as mxConstraint(A == B)
  • renaming 'cov' argument to 'covariance' in omxMnor()
  • renaming 'lbounds' argument to 'lbound' in omxMnor()
  • renaming 'ubounds' argument to 'ubound' in omxMnor()
  • renaming 'cov' argument to 'covariance' in omxAllInt()
  • argument 'silent = TRUE' to mxRun() will no longer suppress warnings
  • argument 'suppressWarnings = TRUE' to mxRun() will suppress warnings

bug fixes

  • added error checking for mxBounds() with undefined parameter names
  • improving error messages in mxMatrix() function
  • fixed aliasing bug in mxAlgebra() with external variables and constant values


  • added directory to repository for nightly tests ("make nightly")
  • performance improvement to namespace conversion
  • changing MxPath data structure from a list to an S4 object
  • new signature for omxSetParameters(model, labels, free, values, lbound, ubound, indep)
  • checked in implementation of mergesort
  • changed mxCompare() signature to mxCompare(base, comparison, digits = 3)