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Forum topicFactor scores following WLS estimation PaulTwin64 days 17 hours ago
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NewsAdvanced Genetic Epidemiology Statistical Workshop: October 23-27 2017, in Richmond, VA AdminRobK01 week 3 days ago
Forum topicACE model with continuous covariate (different between twins) Kelsey11 week 4 days ago
Forum topicBivariate twin model (output) JBosdriesz122 weeks 12 hours ago
Forum topichow to choose between ACE, AE, CE, and E when only E is significantly worse than ACE? lior abramson12 weeks 4 days ago
Forum topicUnivariate ACE models for males and females separately (Heterogenous model) lior abramson52 weeks 5 days ago
Forum topicPritikin, Rappaport & Neale (2017). Liklihood-based confidence intervals for a parameter with an upper or lower bound Sparty51 month 2 days ago
Forum topicIntra Class Corelations JuanJMV121 month 1 week ago
Forum topicerror code 6 in Univariate ACE model- Could it be related to missing data? lior abramson31 month 2 weeks ago
Forum topiccentering variables in a univariate ACE model? lior abramson11 month 2 weeks ago
Forum topicscript for ACE model with covariates using paths specification lior abramson41 month 3 weeks ago
Forum topicStarting values in a univariate ACE model lior abramson11 month 3 weeks ago
PageStatus AdminRobK02 months 2 weeks ago
NewsVersion 2.7.12 of OpenMx officially released AdminRobK02 months 2 weeks ago
Forum topicProgram gets stuck dtofighi92 months 3 weeks ago
Forum topicvariable with inherently skewed distribution deManzano32 months 3 weeks ago
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Forum topicMultivariate sex-limitation script in OpenMx, correlated factors solution trinewa63 months 6 days ago