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New Features

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New Features

This will be a rolling list of features added to the website:

  • 2010/10/03
    • Developers will now see submenus under the commit log
  • 2009/10/11
    • Michael fixed Subscriptions.
    • Changed the title to "OpenMx" and hardcoded the h1 and title to included " - Advanced Structural Equation Modeling"
  • 2009/10/05
    • Looks like Drupal 6.14 introduced a bug in forum replies. Fixed for now.
  • 2009/10/03
    • Again, haven't done this for a while.
    • Updated a few modules in Drupal.
    • Updated Drupal to 6.14 from 6.13
  • 2009/08/20
    • Oops, forgot to do this for a while.
    • File types (diff patch mx mplus r) added to the allowed uploaded files.
    • Updated the wiki with a line on how to add pages (/node/add/wiki/).
  • 2009/08/12
    • A repository viewer added to the site; linked into Commit Log.
    • Diffs via Trac linked into Commit Log.
    • A Website forum has been created in the OpenMx Developer Forums container.
    • Added Google Analytics
    • Added Google Webmaster tracking