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Function to calculate confidence intervals in parallel in a model.

omxSetParameters(model, labels, free = NULL, values = NULL, newlabels = NULL, lbound = NULL, ubound = NULL, indep = FALSE)


model a fitted MxModel object.
run a boolean indicating if model should be run. Set to TRUE by default



manifests # See the results...

	                     lbound    ubound
	One Factor.P[1,1] 0.4193000 0.4747328
	One Factor.P[2,1] 0.5082290 0.5754222
	One Factor.P[3,1] 0.5755068 0.6515979
	One Factor.P[4,1] 0.6871788 0.7780409
	One Factor.P[5,1] 0.7704188 0.8722923

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